When preparing for an interview you never know exactly what questions are going to be asked, the good news is there are a handful of questions that come up frequently, so let’s make sure you have some well-rehearsed answers. Tell me about yourself This is often the opening question in an interview.  It is giving both you and the interviewer an opportunity to get to know one another.   Try and get as many of your key achievements in at this point but make sure that you do not talk for too long.   Should your interviewer want to expand on certain points they will...more
One person’s stress is another’s excitement. With increasing numbers of reports of stress at work and the Health and Safety Executive now incorporating stress within their remit, there is increasing pressure on employers to be demonstrating that employees are not placed under undue pressure.   It is not just the employer’s responsibility. What can you do to keep stress at a level, which gives you a buzz and increased productivity, rather than allow it to overwhelm you?   The stress response we have is exactly the same as the Stone Age caveman facing the woolly mammoth - fight or flight!   We have a similar physical response:- Our...more
Just returned from holiday feeling relaxed, looking good. How long does it last when you return to work? Losing your cool? Can’t cope, stress is creeping in? Here are 10 tips, which can help you overcome that stress. Everyone is different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. These are not rules. Just pick the ideas you find helpful and what works for you in recapturing the holiday spirit. 1. Think and plan Stand back, take a few minutes to weigh up your priorities, workload and plan your day. Do the most important tasks first. Make sure that you...more
"If it weren’t for the last minute nothing would get done” Anon Great things can occur through procrastination; your desk will miraculously turn spotless with everything in order, you finally write that thank-you note to your great aunt. Do you find yourself waiting until the very last minute to complete that important document? Do you tell yourself and others that you do not have time? Do you take work home or work late regularly? If so the dreaded procrastination may be creeping into your life. Lets be honest procrastinating can be very exciting. The adrenaline rush that comes with the created crisis and the looming...more
There is currently a trend on television for reality shows that examine your life and surroundings, then throw out or change your clothes or décor that are no longer appropriate. Whilst the process of the change on these programmes can be painful for the person concerned, the end result is usually a happy person delighted with a renewed image or environment. If it is that hard to throw out old clothes, it is no surprise that when it comes to our attitudes and behaviours we often hang on to these because they are familiar, even though they might not be bringing us...more
Most people are seduced by the lure of the comfort zone. This is the wonderful warm and secure place we retreat to when the storm is swirling outside. This is the place where we are with the familiar and comfortable, where we are not challenged and stretched. This may be a comfortable place to be but when most of your activities are in the comfort zone you do not learn or develop yourself. It is simply more of the same. Are you sitting in your comfort zone at work where you like the status quo and do not want that “apple cart”...more